Introducing the Heart Breaker—a custom aerial piece designed to steal the show and capture hearts with its breathtaking performance. Crafted with precision and care, this show stopper is perfect for trapeze artists, contortionists, and aerial hoop artists alike.

The Heart Breaker comes with a custom spreader bar, adding to its versatility and functionality. With its ability to break down for easy transportation, it's the perfect companion for performers on the go, allowing them to take their artistry wherever the wind may blow.

But what truly sets the Heart Breaker apart is its mesmerizing spinning motion, which creates the illusion of a heart breaking. Multi-dimensional and captivating, it's a beautiful piece that transcends the boundaries of traditional aerial artistry, leaving audiences spellbound and wanting more.

Whether suspended above the stage or twirling gracefully in the spotlight, the Heart Breaker is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who behold it. Experience the magic of Cirque.Life and let the Heart Breaker take your performances to new heights of creativity and wonder.



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